About us

Turning Ideas Into High-Quality Products

At Pitahaya Printing House, we're passionate about turning ideas into high-quality products since establishing our local brand in Puerto Rico in 2018.

Thank you for being part of our journey at Pitahaya Printing House.

Our Mission

We create an exclusive line of seasonally-designed products, infused with unique designs and fresh styles. Our aim is to make a difference by blending a message of positivity with our passion for nature and a retro touch.

Unbeatable Quality

We utilize DTG (Direct To Garment) or Direct Printing technology to print our products. This innovative technique directly paints the fabric, ensuring a solid, smooth, shiny, and highly durable print. We take pride in working with the highest quality materials and offering an infinite range of colors per design.

Modern Customization

Our cutting-edge technology enables us to offer the best customization service in the market, tailored to small businesses and individuals. We eliminate minimum product requirements and restrictions on the number of colors per design to accommodate the needs of our clients and their projects.

10 Years of Experience

Over these years, we've honed our techniques, expanded our services, and built a portfolio rich with diverse and successful projects. This depth of experience ensures that we bring a seasoned perspective and proven skills to your needs, guaranteeing the highest quality results and professional service.

Meet the Founders

Pitahaya Printing House was founded by Ivis Quintana Orsini and Angel Rosa Fontánez, two entrepreneurs passionate about design and creativity. From the beginning, we have been committed to excellence and innovation in every aspect of our business. Our vision is to create a space where quality, originality, and customer care are our core principles.

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